In the stock market, a term that you may hear thrown around is "supernormal growth stock." As an investor, finding this type of stock could pay big dividends financially. Here are the basics of the supernormal growth stock, and what it means to you as an investor.

Supernormal Growth Stock

The supernormal growth stock is a stock that exhibits higher than average growth, as compared to the rest of the market. This happens when one company significantly outperforms other stocks in the market and provides exceptional growth for investors. Most of the time, this term is reserved for stocks that perform well over a sustained period of time. In most cases, a stock has to perform this way for at least a year to be considered a supernormal growth stock.

In most cases, a supernormal growth stock will only sustain this pattern of growth for a limited time. Therefore, investing in them is a matter of timing. Most of the time, after a period of supernormal growth, the stock will revert back to a normal growth pattern like the other stocks in the stock market. This growth can be caused by a number of different things including superior performance by the company in their respective industry.

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