Successful Stock Investment Clubs That Accept Beginners

Stock investment clubs are a good way for small investors to learn about investing and the stock market. These clubs are formed with the purpose of pooling resources necessary to make stock purchases. They are conceptually similar to investment companies such as mutual funds with a chief difference. Investment clubs have a smaller number of investors who are involved and they meet periodically to actively monitor the portfolio and make investment decisions.

Finding a Successful Club

Successful stock investment clubs tend to be well established and maintain a fixed membership. It may be difficult for a beginning investor to enter these clubs. Over time however, as older members leave the club or become less involved, a successful investment club may ask for new members. This can be done word of mouth between club members and their acquaintances or through such listing services as Craigslist.

Joining for a Successful Club

A successful stock investment club may require that a beginning investor pay an initial investment that is higher than what is required. This compensates the club for the risk that they incur of bringing in a person who does not have as much stock investing experience. You can ask a stockbroker or other financial professional about joining investment clubs in your area. There also exists an association of investment clubs that can provide information that is available online.

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