Stock Investing - the Search for Growth Potential

Growth stock investing is an investment strategy that is based on the theory that a company’s growth in earnings and revenue will translate directly to a growth in stock prices and profits.

Growth Versus Value

The idea is that the current price of the stock, despite being priced more than it’s value, is worth it based on increased future growth. This is a direct contrast to the Value Strategy, in which investors look for stocks currently priced at less than their current value.

How To Grow Stock

A high growth stock investor is interested primarily in growth stock companies. Growth stock companies are those that grow at substantially faster rates than average, which allows a growth stock investor to make a high profit, should that company continue to grow as planned. Growth stock companies are often young businesses on the rise, which brings about inherent risks as the less established company is more likely to face failure.

No Investment Growth Formula

As with any type of stock investment strategy, there is no set investment growth formula. There are general standards that many growth stock investors may use, but they are all used with consideration to a particular company’s situation, which determines what factors the investor will use to judge the company.  

Growth investing, while offering high returns, is a high-risk investment strategy. It is not recommended for novice investors, at least not without consulting others with growth investment experience.

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