Steps To Validating A Foreign Investment Company

A foreign investment company, usually also a passive foreign investment company (PFIC), is defined as a foreign company with greater than half of its assets existing in investments that accrue one or more of interest, dividends and capital gains. Holding stock in such a company carries tax implications. Validating the company prior to investing in it is a necessary process of investment.

The One Step Validation Solution

To speed the validation process, go directly to the company itself. According to the current tax code regulations, PFIC’s are required to provide a myriad of investments, company strengths, and organization information to investors. There is a clear line of delineation legally between a PFIC or FIC and the normal corporations that inhabit the various US stock exchanges.

Alternative Validation Solution

Also, the IRS itself maintains lists of all PFICs operating in the country and can validate any foreign investment company for you. Even if you have validated the company by contacting the company itself, using the IRS is a wise second validation process.

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