Socially Responsible Investment Funds' Strategies: Best in Class

When investing in socially responsible investment funds, you could choose from funds with many different investment strategies. One strategy is to choose the best in class of a particular category. Here are the basics of the strategy and what you should expect from it.

Best in Class

With many socially responsible investment funds, the fund manager is going to choose companies that are specifically designed to help the environment or some type of cause. This means that you are going to be investing in energy companies that are trying to come up with alternative forms of energy or a company that has invented a new way to help the environment. With the best in class approach, the fund manager is instead going to invest in companies that are not necessarily involved in helping the environment as their primary goal. Instead, they are simply the best company in their particular sector. 


In order to choose the companies, the fund manager is going to have to compare companies from every sector. They will look for a company that has displayed the best performance in a particular category. For example, they might look at environmental or social factors when making their decision. 

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