Selling after a Market Crash Can Be a Bad Idea

After a market crash, many investors will quickly try to liquidate all of their stocks. Even though this might seem like the logical thing to do, it can be a big mistake. One of the big problems with this strategy is that you will be locking in your losses.

Lock in Losses

When a stock rapidly declines in value, you do not have to take the loss until you sell it. You can hold the stock and may never have to realize a loss. As long as the company does not go into default, your stock should be worth something. Many investors get scared and start trading with emotion when a market crash occurs. They think that they should try to hang onto as much of their trading capital. When this happens, the investor quickly sells the stock in order to keep some capital.

Market Recovery

The reason that it is a bad idea to sell your stock after a market crash is because a market recovery is most likely right around the corner. Historically, there have been several crashes in the stock market. After everyone of the stock market crashes, a market recovery took place. The value of stocks increased and everything was well again. Even though it might take many months or years, the price of your stock should increase again, if the company is financially sound. If you simply invested in a bad company, then you can lose your investment. However, if the market as a whole is down, there is good reason to believe that your stock will increase in value again. If you will look at your stock investments as a long-term proposition, there is no reason to quickly sell your shares after a market decline. 

Buying More Stock

Instead of liquidating your shares during a market crash, you might want to think about taking the opposite approach. Savvy investors know that a market crash is the best time to buy stock. The most successful trader of all time, Warren Buffett, strongly believes in buying stock when the market is down. By doing this, you will be able to purchase stock at significantly reduced price.

Most people that want to sell stock after a market crash are simply doing so because they fear the worst. If you can take the rational approach of successful investors, you may realize a large profit.The thought is that the market will eventually rebound. As long as you are invested in financially sound companies, the value of your stocks is going to increase dramatically throughout the market recovery and bring you a substantial return on investment.

One of the most important factors of buying in a crash is making sure you are investing in a financially sound company so be sure to research the company you want to invest in. Look for transparency and see if you believe in the investment and growth strategies.

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