Searching for Opportunities on the Primary Market

Dealing with the primary market can provide you with some great opportunities from time to time. Most individuals that invest in stocks deal only in a secondary market, but the primary market should be something that you consider. Here are the basics of searching for opportunities on the primary market.

The Primary Market

The primary market is the market in which a company sells stock directly to an investor. This is typically done whenever a company has an initial public offering. If you can purchase stock from an initial public offering, there is a huge potential for growth almost immediately. Many companies have seen the price of their stock double or triple within a few days of the initial public offering.

Investment Banks

Most of the time, a company will seek out the help of an investment bank when they are about to offer stock to the public. Many times it can be difficult to get your hands on stock that is offered directly from the company. Your best shot of doing this is to get involved with an investment bank. If you are a client of an investment bank, they will be more likely to offer you shares of an initial public offering when they become available.

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