Safe High Yield Investments

There are a number of opportunities for safe, high yield investments available right now, even in rocky economic climates.

Safe High Yield Investments

Consider high yield savings accounts (at least 4%). You will need to go looking for these - because your bank is just as happy to have your money in a no-interest checking account.

One of the best and easiest places to find safe, high yield investments for your money is online savings accounts. An online savings account can pay up to 4.75% without the five figure initial deposit required by many regular savings accounts. Banks are able to offer this return by limiting the ease with which you can access your funds in an online savings account. Your online savings are not available via ATM or checking. This is a worthwhile trade-off for a safe, high yield investment. The limited access to your online savings account can impose a worthwhile financial discipline, forcing you to accumulate savings. Most online savings accounts are not subject to the bank fees that can frustrate your efforts to build savings and up to $100,000 is protected by the FDIC.

Purchase an Annuity From a Quality Insurance Company

Another solution in the search for truly safe, high yield investments is insurance company annuities. Insurance companies pay a lower corporate tax bill than banks and therefore can offer a higher rate of return when you buy an annuity from a preferred insurance company. The insurance company will invest your money and give you a guaranteed rate of return. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the return to exceed the guarantee.

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