Ranking The Best Mutual Fund Investment Companies

The ranking of the best mutual fund investment company firms can be organized into  different categories. The companies base strategies on risk, geographical extent, cap size and management types. 

Double Digit Five Year Return

In general, there are a few companies that stand out in a pack. One popular ranking method is the double digit- five year return method. The method delineates the average five year return of an investment firm. For example:

  • Artisan Funds (18%)
  • Fidelity Investments (13%)
  • American Century (13%)
  • The Oakmark Funds (13%)
  • Franklin Templeton Investments (12%)

Generally speaking, companies that are not able to show a double digit five year return are not companies that you want to be dealing with. However, every company is different and any company can run into good or bad economic times.

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