Passive Investment Income: Investing For The Long Haul

Having passive investment income allows you more flexibility in life. If you can get a steady residual income coming in, you have many more options in front of you. Creating passive income is all about investing for the long haul. It is not something that you can normally create overnight. 


Start to accumulate several different annuities in your portfolio. From stocks with dividends to bonds, annuities are a great way to create passive income in your portfolio. When looking for annuities for your portfolio, do not concentrate as much on the overall return. Focus on the stability that it will bring you on a long-term basis. 

Keep Your Options Open

When looking for passive income sources, do not box yourself into stocks and bonds. There are many passive income sources out there if you are willing to find them. For example, you could collect royalties on a product or book that you have created. Creating a successful website could also bring in residual income for the long haul. Just keep your options open and be prepared for residual income opportunities when they present themselves.

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