Overview of the American Association of Individual Investors

The American Association of Individual Investors is a group that is designed to help investors make sound investment decisions. This is a nonprofit organization and attempt to provide unbiased information to their members. There are over 150,000 people that are a member of this organization.


One of the primary goals of the American Association of Individual Investors is to educate its members. The organization wants to help their members as much as possible and education is one of the best ways to do so. They will teach their members about diversification, portfolios, retirement accounts, and overall financial planning. Some of the best financial planners in the world today are members of this organization and can provide great guidance for inexperienced members.


The ultimate purpose of this organization is to improve the investment returns for their members. Since its inception, the members of this particular group have been able to achieve returns that are superior to the stock market as a whole. This group maintains 2 portfolios that their members have full access to. One portfolio is based on stocks while the other one is based on mutual fund investing. These portfolios have performed very well and they are widely available for everyone to see.

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