Overview of Cash and Carry Trades

Cash and carry trades are a type of transaction in which a trader simultaneously buys a security and sells it. The idea behind this type of transaction is to try to profit from differences in pricing and different markets.

The cash and carry trade is a type of arbitrage technique. The trader tries to eliminate risk by making two different transactions on the same security. She is essentially limiting the market risk because she is not going to be in the trade but for a few seconds. She will typically purchase shares of the security and then take out a futures contract in the opposite direction.

While this can be looked at as a low-risk type of trade, there are some risks present. If one of your orders does not get executed in a timely manner, you may lose your opportunity to take advantage of the pricing discrepancy. You could find yourself in a buy trade without the sell trade going through. Then when the market moves down quickly, you could lose a significant amount of money in a short period. This technique also requires a great deal of investment capital in order to be successful.

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