Money To Invest: Where To Find It

Having money to invest is something that many people think about. They think about their financial situation, but are unsure as to where they can find money to invest. They may not feel comfortable with using any of what they have. Others simply do not know where to begin. As long as you know what you want to invest, you can find the money to do so. It may take a little self sacrifice, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Savings Accounts

Many people constantly save money. They will put money into their savings account whenever they realize that they have excess money. Others have had savings accounts that were started for them when they were born. This is money that they have not touched, and money that they do not plan on touching for years. This can be a great way to find money to invest. Savings accounts may have interest, but they will not yield the results that investments will. Taking some, but not all of your savings account money could be a way to have money to invest. Think of the money that you can lose; this will be for your aggressive investments. Think of the money that you cannot afford to lose; this can be placed in bonds or in high yield accounts. These are safe ways to earn money through the money you already have.

Paycheck Docks

Some people fail to realize that you can find money to invest in the paycheck that you already have. Many companies will allow you to pull out money for stock options or retirement plans. You can send this money directly to your portfolio to allow you to purchase more stock. If this is not available, simply have the bank pull out money from an account into a separate savings account. You can then transfer this money into a portfolio.


Bonds will help you to make money over time. These bonds are not forever. At a certain point, they stop appreciating. When the bonds have stopped appreciating, you should consider using them as an investment tool. You can use this money for more bonds, or for a stronger, more aggressive portfolio.


Think of all of the different assets that you own. Now think about what you actually need. Selling off assets (which may be as small as clothing or as large as vehicles or homes) is a great way to find extra money to invest.

Investing money requires saving money. This can come from a savings account or a bond, but may also come from money you have just made, or things that you own. You are taking money that you could be using for other things and are putting it into a portfolio of investments. Without making small sacrifices, you will not have the money to invest. Look in these various areas to see how much you can pull, and from what sources. Pooling money from these various areas will help you to determine what you can do.

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