Mega Cap Stocks: Here to Stay, for the Time Being

Mega cap stocks are a group of stocks that represent companies with capitalizations of at least $200 billion. These companies are leaders in their industry and some of the biggest companies in the world. Here are a few things to consider about investing in mega cap stocks and what they can provide to you as an investment.

Mega Cap Stocks

Many investors prefer investing in these types of stocks because of the familiarity with the companies involved. For example, you will be working with companies such as Wal-Mart, Microsoft, and General Electric. These are all well-known brands that everyone feels comfortable with. You do not have to do a lot of research in the market in order to determine that these companies are solid.


Many investors consider this type of investment to be relatively risk-free. When you invest in companies that bring in as much money as they do, you can feel pretty good about your chances as an investor. Consider the odds of any of these companies ever needing to file bankruptcy. In most cases, they are about as far away as you can get from bankruptcy. These companies have a substantial amount of assets and cash reserves. Therefore, even if the market were to go through a huge downturn, they would still be safe in most cases.

Although most feel that this is a relatively risk-free investment, you cannot say that it is completely risk-free. If you are an investor that tries to time the market, you could still lose money on these stocks. For example, if you decide to purchase shares of Wal-Mart when the price is at a 52-week high, you are buying at the top of the market. Then, if the price of the shares went down over the next year, and you decide to sell, it could cost you some money. Therefore, this type of investment will only be risk-free if you decide to buy and hold shares of stock.


Most mega cap stocks tend to offer regular dividends to their shareholders. In many cases, the company will not have much room for capital growth. They might be in a market that is completely saturated and not have much room to work. However, since they are bringing in substantial amounts of revenue every quarter, they can afford to pay a good dividend on a regular basis. Therefore, many investors choose to get involved with mega cap stocks for the regular source of income that they can provide.


Another benefit that mega cap stocks can provide is that they tend to have a level of diversification. These companies are so large that they bring in money from many different sources. Therefore, they will not be affected by outside influences as much as other companies will. As an investor, you like to put your money into companies that do not rely on one method to pay the bills. With mega cap stocks, you will not have to worry about this. 

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