Managing Relations In Your Online Investment Club

Hosting an online investment club provides a way to invite members from all over the country to become a part of your investing experience. The use of social networking sites, email, chat programs and instant messaging allows us to stay in constant contact with one another. This ability to have access to information and communicate it in real time via a laptop, PC or PDA means that an online investment club is far from inconceivable.

Advantages of Online Investment Clubs

Because an online investment club lacks the same face-to-face interpersonal connection that a local investment club that meets a church or library has, it is important to set a protocol in place regarding communication and the dissemination of club information. This will help to ensure that no one feels slighted or ignored and places a premium on all opinions being heard.

Establishing a Regular Schedule Online

Regular meeting times should be established and maintained by the online investment club. The best part about doing this electronically is that schedules can be managed via such software as Outlook and other calendar programs. A social network site like MySpace, Twitter or Facebook can give members a space online to view investment selections and results, post questions and direct gripes about any aspect of the club without having to leave the comfort of one’s home.

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