Make the Best of a Mutual Fund Loss

Dealing with a mutual fund loss can be very challenging. Anytime you lose your money in an investment, it can be very discouraging. However, when a loss occurs, it is important to make the best of the situation and look to the future. Here are a few things to consider when your mutual fund produces losses.

Tax Implications

When a mutual fund loss occurs, one of the first thing that you should consider are the tax implications. Although you have lost potentially a significant amount of money, this can be to your benefit when it comes to taxes. All the money that you lost in the investment, is considered a capital loss. When it comes to filing taxes, any capital losses can help offset future capital gains with in the same year. Therefore, once you start investing again and making money, you can look at this as tax-free money to a certain point. The gains and losses will offset and you will have no tax liability until you make more money than you have already lost. Thinking about not having to pay the government tends to brighten the outlook of any trader.


When a loss occurs, it is important to reassess your investment goals and objectives. When losses occur, sometimes it is because we got outside of our comfort zone as traders and got involved in something that we were not familiar with. Sometimes, we tend to follow the crowd and choose a mutual fund just because everyone else to get involved. When this happens, it usually ends in disaster because of the timing of your purchase. Successful investors typically sell when a mutual fund starts to get popular and by when a fund seems to be down. The rest of the market, tends to follow much later and does not take advantage of the timing that the investment has to offer. With this in mind, you need to sit down and decide what you want to invest in and which areas to focus on.

Start Again

At this point, you need to forget about the loss and move forward. Just because you experienced a loss does not mean that you should sit out and stop investing. The old adage,"get back on the horse," definitely applies here. Many investors believe that when times are bad more bad times are sure to follow. They believe that one loss tends to follow another one. However, the experienced investor knows that losses are part of the territory. They know that losses cannot be avoided at all times and they do not let it affect their psyche when it comes to trading. Typically, some of their greatest wins comes after a long string of losses. Therefore, they know that the next big winner is just around the corner in their trading. Try to keep this in mind as you do your research and choose your next investments.

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