Learn How to Cash in a Stock Certificate

When you decide it is time to cash a stock certificate, the process to do so is actually rather simple. You have the certificate on hand. In some cases, it is on hold with a broker or bank, and you will need to go retrieve the certificate. Once the certificate is in-hand, there are three simple steps to cashing it in.

Tell Your Broker

There is a legal process a broker must comply with in order to cash in the certificate. You will need to issue a written request to cash in the certificate, telling your broker the exact amount you plan on selling.

Sign the Certificate

There is a spot on the certificate that requires your signature at the time of sale. Sign the certificate here.

Turn the Certificate Over

You can either deliver the certificate by hand to your broker or mail it in. In either case, the process of actually cashing in the certificate will take some time. You will have to be patient in anticipating the delivery of your funds for at least seven to 10 days. In addition, the funds may be credited to your brokerage account instead of delivered in cash. You may need to then cash out of the account in order to collect your profit.

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