Know the Risks Before You Open a FOREX Account

When you deal with FOREX, you will need to open an account. FOREX is one of the riskiest investments that the financial world has to offer. Many people have made a fortune in the FOREX market. However, many more people have lost thousands of dollars in this very same market. You could be winning big one moment and losing big the next. Here are some things to consider about the risk level of FOREX before you get involved. 


One thing that makes the FOREX market extremely risky is the use of leverage. If you want to trade in the FOREX market, you will most likely open an account that uses leverage. When you trade FOREX, you are technically trading a lot of $100,000. Most people do not have $100,000 to trade each time they want to make a trade. Therefore, FOREX brokers use leverage to allow more people to get into the market. 

For example, you could get an account with 100:1 leverage and control $100,000 worth of assets with only $1000 in your account. This increases the ability for you to make profit, but at the same time increases your ability to lose money as well. Leverage trading makes FOREX unlike most other markets in the world today.


Besides the leverage aspect of FOREX, there is also an unusually high amount of volatility in the markets. The markets can swing wildly in just a few seconds. FOREX traders have to pay careful attention to the news releases that pertain to the particular currency pairs that they are trading. Any news report that comes out that can affect the price of your currency could potentially swing the currency greatly. The price of the currency pair could jump up three or four hundred pips in a matter of minutes. If you are not careful, you could lose a substantial amount of money. 

Money Management

Without the proper money management, the FOREX market could blow out your account very quickly. Traders use what are called stop-losses to close out a trade if it goes against them. Without the use of a stoploss, your entire account would be at risk with every trade. This means that you have to be very careful in selecting your stoploss value and making sure that you use one with every trade. If you forget to use your stoploss, you could come back to the computer screen and see that your account is gone. Once you lose it, there is no way to get the money back. 

Size of the Market

Another thing that makes the market so unpredictable is its size. The FOREX market is by far the largest trading market in the world. Trillions of dollars per day go through the market. This makes it impossible for anyone to control or predict as you never know what will happen. One economy could receive great news while the other receives bad news. This could make the price of the pair skyrocket or plummet in minutes. 

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