Is Investing In Oil Companies Ever A Bad Idea?

For many years people assumed that investing in oil companies was an easy way to make money. That may not be the case anymore. With oil prices fluctuating, and stock doing the same thing, there may be other options to consider.

Oil Concerns

Oil will not be around forever. At some point, even with massive investing in oil drilling, we will not be able to use this energy source. Many people, because of this, are finding ways to cut back on oil based energy. This means decreased stock values.


Oil is not a stable investment. It’s not uncommon to make a lot of money over a few months, then watch the stock plummet and your earnings plummet as well. This is just typical for the oil industry. It’s a consumer driven commodity, so every time the public panics about oil consumption or prices the stocks drop.

Alternative Investments

Investing in renewable energy companies is becoming more popular. Many people hope that they will get in at the ground floor by finding a company that will provide the next huge energy source.

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