Investment Research Management: Principles Of Human Allocation

Investment research management is the market analysis your business undertakes in order to manage investments and meet financial goals. How your business allocates human resources can affect the success of your investment research plan.

Research Management Mistakes

Many businesses don’t even realize that they’re not managing their investment research efficiently. Common investment research management mistakes include:

  • Isolation – Analysts often do their investment market research on their own or in small groups. The fewer opinions that are heard, the more likely there are to be interpretations of market trends.
  • Manual Processes – Analysts often manually e-mail relevant information to investment managers, wasting valuable time and creating cluttered inboxes.
Investment Research Human Allocation Options

Large companies should allocate human resources to streamline the investment research management process and decrease the chance of failing in the market. Smaller businesses that don’t have the resources to spare can hire an investment research firm to handle these tasks:
  • Automation – Your company will be able to allocate human resources to other tasks if you automate some of your investment research processes. Flag relevant investment information and have it automatically sent to applicable people, allowing managers to view the data from which analysts are supporting their research.
  • Better Tools – When analysts gain information from telephone calls or informal e-mails, there should be an easy system for them to organize and document these sources of information. Research management software allows companies to create an easy-to-access internal database in which to store these sources.

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