Investment Management Marketing: Securing Potential New Clientele

Investment management marketing is an often overlooked component of investment management firms. Firms that want to attract new clientele must follow a few essential steps of marking.

Step 1 – Hire a Professional with a Marketing Degree

Too many investment management firms rely on their investment staff to also put together an investment management marketing strategy. Benefits of a marketing major versed in financial language include:

  • The training and ability to determine the segment of the population most likely to respond favorably to your firm’s offerings and services;
  • A “face” for the firm who can perform semi-annual portfolio reviews, give presentations, and assure your clients of investment progress on behalf of your company.
Step 2 – Seek Out Potential Growth Companies

Small businesses with the potential for growth may not already have an investment management program. Provide the company with information including:
  • The possibilities of real cash inflow from working capital investment;
  • The diversity of working capital investment, including stocks, bonds, property, and equipment;
  • The dangers of companies that don’t have many resources managing investments themselves.
Step 3 – Search for Companies Who May Want to Switch Firms

Larger companies have more capital to invest. They may already have an investment management firm, but if they’re not posting profits, they could be unsatisfied and willing to switch firms.

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