Investment Advice: Starting Out With Mutual Funds

Sometimes it can be quite hard to find investment advice on mutual funds, but, mutual funds can be beneficial for investors searching capital market gains.

What They Are

Mutual funds are investment vehicles which serve to reduce the overall risk of a portfolio of securities by including different types of investments with different risk and return goals. Essentially, when you invest in a mutual fund, you are actually buying multiple different securities with the purpose of having a less risky portfolio. The goal for mutual fund investors is to find securities which are negatively correlated to each other as this will protect against a decline in any one sector.

How they Get Paid

Mutual fund managers are paid on several different levels. First of all, there is a fixed base performance fee which must be paid no matter how much money the fund makes. Next, managers will be paid a certain compensation bonus which is usually a percentage of the returns that are earned. There can also be certain additional costs if you withdraw your money before the date specified in the contract.

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