Investing in gold coins is one the smartest ways to manage your money. Gold has existed and held value for many years. Currencies come and ago, and many are devalued. However, this has not been the case with gold. No matter what lies ahead, you'll be glad you had some gold coins for insurance and investment purposes. Gold will always be worth something, no matter where you live.

Buy from Local Coin Dealers

Tune into talk radio on any given day, and you'll hear a number of radio ads by online gold coin dealers. The problem with buying from an online dealer is that you don't get to inspect the coins before-hand. You would be much better off buying from a local coin dealer. Something happens when you touch and feel the coins for yourself prior to purchase. Inspecting the coins yourself, including the dates on the coin and government seals, can help you make the best decision of whether to buy, and how many to buy. To find a local dealer, look under "Coin Dealers" in your phone book or online using your favorite search engine. If you really have no other options, then research online companies thoroughly to make sure you're buying from a reputable seller.

Buy from a Reputable Seller

The last thing you want to do is buy gold coins from a seller that is not reputable. A reputable seller will inspect the coins and sell you coins that are real and valuable. You can check the background of sellers by checking the Better Business Bureau website, and also by conducting a Google search to see what others are saying. You don't want to buy "bad" gold now, only to find out when you need to exchange the gold or use it, that you were defrauded.

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

There are different options for investing in gold coins, such as bullion and gold coins from other countries. You should start out with American Gold Eagle coins. Eagles don't cost as much as other types of gold coins, but they are recognized as valuable all over the world. Investing in gold coins at lower premiums will afford you the opportunity to accumulate more coins. American Gold Eagle coins are suitable as a backup to any currency, and it will always preserve its value. If that's your intent for buying gold in the first place, then start out by buying these. If you ever needed to "cash" it in, it will be easier to do if you live in the United States, than if you had purchased a South African Krugerrand or an Australian Nugget.

Combination of 1/10 and 1 Ounce Coins

The best deal you can get when investing in gold coins is to buy one ounce coins. If you can't afford to buy a full once ounce gold coin, but you want to get started in gold, then consider a one-tenth ounce instead. As you build up your savings, you can convert some of your money to one ounce gold coins.

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