Investing For Income: Get Closer To Retirement

Investing for income is a practice that everyone planning for retirement should consider. When you are trying to live off of your investments, you want some stability in your monthly income. You do not want to be living comfortably one month and scraping to get by the next. 

  • Choose annuities: Selecting investments based on the annuity payment is a good way to provide some stability in your portfolio. When you have a regular payment coming in from your stock or bond, you will be able to budget accordingly.
  • Invest 10%: Make it a habit to invest at least 10% of your paycheck towards your retirement. In the beginning you may feel a little pinched, but won't feel it after a while. This investment approach can make a sizable difference in your lifestyle after retirement.
  • Consider other investments: There are plenty of investments out there that will provide you a regular income besides stocks and bonds. Consider renting out real estate or getting involved with the foreign exchange market.

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