Internet Stock Investing - Recognizing Value In I-Business Models

Internet stock investing is becoming more popular as more businesses are adopting an internet based business model. Referred to as I-Business, it provides a way for business to take advantage of virtual business opportunities.

A company that operates in an I-Business environment has advantages over companies that work in a physical location. A look at their financial statements show savings on certain expenses such as office leases, furniture and equipment. These savings translate into increased profits and more value for shareholders.

Types of I-Businesses

Technology companies such as web designers and web hosting services can operate more easily as I-Businesses given their ability to operate online and virtually. Finding value in these companies does not differ much by way of analysis. The same considerations that an investor uses to select other value stocks apply to I-Businesses.

Financial Statements

A look at the financial statements for the company is a good starting point in determining value. An I-Business that is trading below it book value means that the stock is undervalued. Being undervalued means that the company is efficient and provided good earnings for its shareholders. As the company continues to grow and enter new markets, given its flexibility as a virtual company with few physical assets, the company is poised to provide tremendous value to investors.

Annual and Quarterly Reports

All companies that are publicly traded provide information in the form of annual and quarterly reports to its investors. This reporting is required under federal securities law. Information about an I-Business is no different the information on other public companies. An investor should use the Securities and Exchange Commission or the company’s investor relations department as a source of information concerning an I-Business.

The reports will give an investor the financial, product and management information that you need to make an informed decision and analyze the company’s value. An investor may also be able to find research analysts who track the results of various I-Businesses and obtain their information. A research analyst provides recommendations about companies that they track and other details as to the value of investing in a particular company’s stock.

Seeking Professional Opinions

Brokers and other financial professionals may also provide valuable information about a particular I-Business. Many of these individuals have stories about particular companies that they follow and recommend to their clients as well as be able to provide the investor with insight about industry trends and happenings. All of this research and due diligence should aid an investor tremendously in order to make an investment decision about an I-Business.

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