International Equity Funds: A Necessary Part of Your Portfolio

As an investor, international equity funds should be an investment that you consider. International equity funds present you with a number of unique benefits. Here are the basics of international equity funds and why you might want to consider investing in them.

International Equity Funds

An international equity fund is one that is made up mainly of stocks. While other funds may concentrate on bonds and other assets, equity funds utilize a mix of stocks from different corporations. There are a variety of different types of equity funds available in the market. Some equity funds go after more high-risk stocks in order to bring in a greater return for the investors. Other equity funds, focus on more low risk investments and go after the more established companies. An international equity fund will typically invest in stocks from a particular company or region.


One of the many problems that investors face is making sure that their portfolios are diversified. Without diversification, your portfolio could be affected by a number of different factors. Something as small as the bankruptcy of a particular company could devastate your portfolio if not properly diversified. By diversifying, you are lowering the inherent risk associated with your portfolio. While investors may try to diversify their portfolio by buying a number of different stocks, you cannot truly be diversified if they are all from the same market. Entire markets can crash from time to time. However, at the same time, markets from other portions of the world may not be affected very much. Therefore, if an investor really wants to be diversified, they need to hold some assets in other parts of the world.

Most investment advisers recommend a mix of foreign and domestic investments in their portfolio. Instead of getting involved with a particular company stock, you can utilize in international equity fund and take advantage of the entire region. Most investors do not know much about other countries and therefore, an international equity fund can help to eliminate confusion and get them involved in the other markets of the world.

Regional Growth

Another major benefit of using international equity funds is that investors can take advantage of regional growth in the world. At certain times, regions will go through astounding periods of growth. If you are stuck investing in your own country, you will not be able to take advantage of this growth. By getting involved with international equity funds, you can get in on the ground floor of an opportunity and take full advantage of it. When a country is starting to become developed, this could be a good time to get involved with international equities fund that specializes in that country. Make sure that you do a lot of research about the particular areas that you plan to invest in before making any purchases. Some regions take many years to develop while others seem to spring up overnight.

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