Increased Costs of International Investing

International investing can provide you with a lot of opportunity for superior return on investment. However, when investing internationally, you may also have to deal with increased costs. Here are a few things to consider about the increased costs of international investing.

Transaction Costs

When you get involved with international investment, you are going to have transaction costs to account for. You may not be able to work with your traditional broker, and you might have to open an account with an international brokerage. Many times, these international brokerages are going to charge high commissions and other fees. In addition to that, you may have to pay additional taxes on the money that you make from investing.

Is It Worth It?

You will need to decide if these increased costs are worth the potential of the investment. Not every international investment is going to be a winner, so you need to research your investments thoroughly before choosing them. However, if you get involved with an emerging market, it could be well worth your time. In these markets, there is potential for astounding growth because the markets are just now getting started in their development. You could realize a great return on your investment and offset these costs.

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