How Much Will a Talented Commodity Broker Cost?

Commodity broker costs are often based on past performance and experience, but not necessarily talent. If you would like to find the cheapest option while still working with good talent, consider contacting a young broker who is less established in the industry. You will likely find lower fees from this type of broker.

Broker Flat Rates

A flat rate broker is cheaper for an individual who will have a very large sum invested. You will pay an up front cost and a cost per transaction, regardless of how much you are trading. There is a cap to how much you can owe; because of this cap, the most talented brokers may shy away from this pay scale.

Broker Commissions

When a broker operates on a commission basis, you can be assured that person is confident he or she can get the job done. This confidence can indicate talent. Here, you can still look for cheaper brokers, perhaps those charging a half percent commission instead of a 3 percent commission. This can be an indication you are working with a confident broker who has yet to post the numbers that would lead to a higher commission scale.

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