How Does Commodity Trading Compare to Stocks?

Commodity trading has become popular in recent years as many investors think of new ways to diversify their portfolios that is not tied to the stock market. While many people are familiar with trading stocks, not that many are familiar with trading commodities. Here are a few things to consider about how commodity trading compares to stock trading.

Basic Principles

The basic principles of stock trading still apply to commodities. You want to buy low and sell high. However, instead of researching individual companies and trying to find one that looks very is growth, you have to choose an individual commodity instead. Many people might consider this less confusing because there are far less options to choose from. There are only so many commodities that can be traded but there are thousands of different companies that you could invest in.


One of the main differences between commodity and stock trading is the type of account you must have. To trade stocks, all that is required is a traditional brokerage account. In order to trade commodities, you must open an account with a commodities broker. This is usually a little more difficult to locate, when compared to a traditional stock broker.

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