Getting Over the Minimum Investment Hurdle

When you decide to get involved with a particular mutual fund, you will need to look at the minimum investment requirements and determine if you can afford to invest. Each mutual fund will have a minimum investment that must be met in order to become an investor. Here are a few things to consider about why these minimum investments exist and what they can tell you.

Investment Strategy

One of the big reasons that minimum investments vary greatly between mutual funds is because of the differences in investment strategy. Fund managers use different investment strategies. This means that they require money in the fund for different amounts of time. If the fund manager needs money for a long-term investor, they can increase the amount of money that is required to invest in the fund. This keeps short-term investors from getting involved. It also allows the fund manager to keep the money that they need to be successful.

What it Tells You

When you are looking at mutual funds, the minimum investment can tell you a lot about them. Typically, the mutual funds with larger minimum investments are those that utilize long-term investment strategies. If you are a short-term investor, you should look for investment with a smaller minimum investment.

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