Getting Involved In A Local Stock Investment Club

Joining a stock investment club is a great idea for amateur investors that want to learn more about trading in the stock market. A stock investment club allows you to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced investors in the club as well as learn valuable tips regarding trading in stocks and other general investment information. Also, it offers you the opportunity to meet with investors face-to-face and quickly learn what has made other investors successful in the past.

Joining a Local Stock Investment Club

If you live in a major city, there will be many investment clubs in your area. To find them, just search for investment clubs on the Internet. Many investment clubs posts messages regarding membership on many popular financial site forums and other types of investment related websites.

You should check out the National Association of Investors Corporation, or the NAIC, to find clubs. The NAIC is an association of many local investment clubs and is a nonprofit group that helps to facilitate the growth of current club memberships. The group also promotes the establishment of new clubs in areas where they are needed. To find out more information about the NAIC and local investment clubs, simply visit the NAIC website at

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