Finding Reliable FOREX Broker Reviews

If you are considering getting into the FOREX market, there is a good chance that you have read some FOREX broker reviews. A big part of your success in the market depends on the quality of the broker that you choose. Locating good broker information is very important. Many people use online sources to get their information. However, sometimes you cannot rely on the reviews because they are biased and self-serving. Here are a few ways to find reliable FOREX broker reviews.

Look for Affiliate Links

One tell-tale sign that you cannot trust a review is if it has affiliate links embedded in it. While they might be telling you the truth, you cannot be sure because they are getting paid to provide you with the information provided. If you click on their link and make a purchase, they will make commission. Therefore, you can consider the published piece a marketing and sales tool. 


There are many FOREX forums that provide reliable information about brokers. If you get involved with a forum and participate with some of the long-time contributors, they can direct you to some unbiased reviews that you can trust. 

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