Find Yourself An Investment Club

Finding an Investment Club can be easy. There are a number of international groups that are interested in making money by pooling their funds to achieve their maximum potential. Investment Clubs are beneficial because individuals can share market information to expand their expertise and can thus provide an investor with better ideas and high returns.

Step One – Do Your Homework

You will need to approach an investment club and ask for membership.  Investment clubs are prohibited from recruiting new members because of investment schemes.  As a consumer, you can research clubs and educate yourself about them by requesting their published information.  It is equally as important to find a few members to ask questions before investing your money.

Step Two – Look up National Organizations

There are several national organizations that organize and regulate investment clubs, for example:

The National Association of Investors Corporation, also known as the NAIC, is the leading authority on investment clubs in the country. They can provide a great deal of background and information for any new investor.

The World Federation of Investors is an international association of investment clubs that provides global information.

Investing Clubs on Google can provide a new investor with many more resources about international investment clubs.

Step Three – Look it Up

Investment clubs can advertise in both local classified ads and online. Additionally, you can find more information on bulletin boards for specific local areas.

Your bank or library may have a listing of clubs, although they are unlikely to make any recommendations.

You may find a club through word of mouth. Sometimes friends, family or coworkers will be in a club and they can provide with valuable information.

Step Four – Determine Online or Offline

Some clubs are online - only organizations. You can invest money periodically, according to the regulations of the club and you can participate with other members via forums and discussion boards.  If you don’t have time for  in-person meetings and are comfortable with a group's integrity, then online clubs may be just the thing for you.

Offline clubs work better for the investor that  prefers face-to-face interactions with other group members. Offline groups often have new speakers to provide them with ideas that help them grow.

Step Five – Determine SEC Compliance

Many investment clubs are required to register with the SEC (Security and Exchange Commissions).  These clubs are under careful scrutiny by the SEC.  If a club invests in securities, issues membership interests in securities, and it doesn’t qualify as an investment company, it may need to register.

It may qualify as a private investment company if it:

  • Does not, and never intends, to make its securities available in a public offering
  • Does not have more than 100 members
The five steps of finding an investment club are easy, it is up to the investor to find the right fit.

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