Exploiting a Short Squeeze

A short squeeze is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs in the stock market. If you are in the right position, you could potentially take advantage of a short squeeze and make a nice return on your investment. Here are the basics of a short squeeze and what it can do for you as an investor.

Short Squeeze

In the stock market, a short squeeze occurs when there are not enough shares available to fulfill the demand for a stock. When a particular stock is in high demand, sometimes there will not be enough shares to go around. As a result, the price of the stock will often shoot up significantly.

When a small-cap company experiences rapid growth, a short squeeze will often take place. There are not that many shares that are publicly traded, and the company has suddenly become popular in the market.

Investment Considerations

Getting involved with a short squeeze could be to your advantage. If you can identify a smaller company that is poised for growth, you could potentially benefit from a short squeeze. If you can get involved in a short squeeze during the beginning stages, you could potentially bring in a substantial return on your investment in a short period.

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