ETF Hedge Fund Strategies

As an investor, you may need to know several different ETF strategies in order to be successful. ETFs are a very popular form of investment and using them as part of a hedge fund is also growing as a strategy. A hedge fund is a select investment group that is usually reserved for those with a lot of capital to invest. Usually it takes at least $1 million to get involved. If you are involved in a hedge fund ETF, there are several different investment strategies that they could use to make some nice returns. 

Hedging Strategy

Most hedge funds inherently have some sort of hedging feature within them. Since there are many investors with a high net-worth, they place asset protection as a high priority. Therefore, fund managers try to incorporate a method to hedge their investments with inverse ETFs . This allows them to be somewhat protected if the market decides to reverse unexpectedly. 


Another popular method of investing with ETFs is to buy commodities. Commodities give you a high reward possibility which is something that many high net-worth investors are seeking. With these types of ETFs, you could invest in oil, gold, silver, or almost any other commodity that you could think of. 

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