EE bonds are one of the most well-known investments in the market today. These bonds are issued by the United States Treasury, and they can provide you with a consistent return on your investment. Here are the basics of what you need to know about EE bonds and their maturity.

Redeeming Bonds

EE savings bonds can be redeemed at any time after a year from their issue date. If you redeem them earlier than that, you will have to pay a penalty and lose a good majority of your investment.


EE bonds grow at a certain rate of return, depending on when they were issued. They grow at different rates, but the government guarantees that the bond will double. They guarantee that within a time period of 20 years, it will double in value. If it does not double on its own, they will make an adjustment to the rate and make it double.

While the value will at least double in that amount of time, you do not necessarily have to cash it in at that time. EE savings bonds will continue to earn interest until they reach their 30th year. Therefore, it is completely up to you as to when you cash it in.

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