Drafting A Good Constitution - Maintaining Group Investor Relations

Group investor relations are critical in difficult economies. Many people lack the necessary capital for major investments and investment groups reduce risk by getting multiple investors involved and raise capital from many sources, instead of having one or two investors raise it themselves. With group investor relations, the risk is minimized for investors because individuals do not have to put up large amounts of money in order to support a business. Group investment relations, such as NASDAQ, are becoming more popular and have been highly promoted in top investor relations magazines on the market.

Importance of a Constitution

A good constitution is critical to maintain a solid working relationship between investment partners. A well written and thought out constituion is at the the top of the priority list of advice from the main investor relations magazine out there. If you are able to draft a good constitution it can head off many arguments before they even get started. A good constitution keeps everyone on the same page and makes sure that each person in the investment group has an equal say with all group decisions.

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