Day Trading Scalping Strategy

If you want to take advantage of very short term opportunities in trading, you most likely will want to learn about day trading scalping. This is a strategy most used by very active day traders. It involves buying and selling within a couple hours. Scalping is best exploited by those traders with a competitive advantage, like floor traders. Those traders who get the best bid and ask quotes and have a great deal of volume of trading will scalp a lot during the day. That's why as a retail trader it's best not to commit to such a strategy unless you know for certain that your method of scalping will give you a competitive edge in the long run.

As a retail trader, you're up against commission and trading fees as well as the bid-ask spread, which is bypassed by the market makers on the floor of the exchanges. That's why to commit to scalping you should find a broker with the lowest commission rates and with the tightest quotes in comparison to the market. Once you learn how to use technical indicators, your scalping strategy can become more enhanced and more profitable.

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