Brokerage Research and Other Perks

With the growth in popularity of online brokers, brokerage research has become a very important part of working with any broker. You want to choose a broker that provides you with the best opportunities when it comes to researching your investments. Here are a few things to consider about brokerage research and other perks that are offered by brokers.

Brokerage Research

In the past, investors would rely heavily on the advice from their stock brokers. While this is still common for some investors, many investors are now taking matters into their own hands. With the ability to buy stocks online and the increased freedom nonprofessional investors enjoy in the market, comes their need to have better access to information. Before you can choose a stock, you are going to have to be able to research it thoroughly. There are thousands of different stocks that you could invest in. To choose one, you are going to have to have access to the information that you need. Because of this extreme need for information, investors need to look for a broker that provides the best research tools.


There are many different ways that you could potentially choose to research your investments. When you choose a broker, you want to see that they have a variety of tools for you to use. You should be able to type in the stock symbol for a particular company and get a wealth of information about that company at your fingertips. You want to be able to see the full history of a stock and have instant access to the company's financial statements. Being able to see what the stock analysts have to say about a particular company is also going to be valuable.


Many online brokers are now providing expert panels that you can access online. They make their stock analysts available online at a specific time so that you can chat with them and ask them questions. They are employed by the broker, and they will provide you with detailed information about any stocks that you ask them about. 


Another valuable resource that many online brokers are providing is access to a forum. By getting on a forum, you will be able to gain access to other traders that are working with the same broker. Being able to talk to other people that are in the same situation as you can be very helpful. You will be able to ask them questions and get answers from some of the most experienced traders in the market. When you talk to other people on a forum, you know that they are not giving you any biased information. While expert panels can provide you with some good insight, you have to know that they are still working for the broker. Forums can give you the information that you need without your having to worry about motives. 

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