Beware of High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)

High-yield investment programs, or HYIPs, are a type of investment that is commonly found online today. While the promises that these programs make can be enticing, you should be cautious about investing in them. Here are the basics of the high-yield investment program and what you should watch out for.

High-Yield Investment Programs

This type of investment program promises exceptional returns for investors. In many cases, they will express the returns as a certain amount of interest every day. The idea behind this is like the idea behind a managed investment account. You are going to deposit a certain amount of money and allow the program's investment experts to invest your money. They will then make a deposit to your account at the end of every day with profit. You are usually free to invest the money again or to make a withdrawal.

Early Payments

One of the ways that these programs can attract new investors is by offering payments for a certain amount of time. Many new investors that are skeptical of these programs will invest a small amount of money into the program. They will wait to see what happens with the returns, and usually, they find out that the returns are solid. Then they make a withdrawal from the program in order to make sure that the program actually pays. Most of the time, investors are surprised that the program actually paid them back. Then, they usually invest larger amounts of money the next time because of the amazing returns that they believe they can get. The only problem with this is that the program will probably soon no longer pay them any more money. At a certain point, many of these programs close and take all of the money that they have generated with them.

Foreign Countries

The vast majority of these programs are headquartered in foreign countries. For example, you will see that many of these companies are located in Panama or Belize. This is because they know that they will never be caught by American authorities and there are no repercussions in these countries. In addition to that, they may not have to pay business taxes to the country in which they are residing.


Many of these programs will provide a guarantee for investors. They will guarantee a specific amount of return each day or each week. Even though it is nice to have a guarantee, the guarantee is usually no good. When you are investing in the financial markets, nothing is guaranteed. Regardless of how good you are at trading, there is no way that you could accurately predict everything that is going to happen. Because of this, if you see a guarantee on any type of HYIP, you should be very skeptical. In fact, you should avoid doing business with any of these programs that are going to offer a guarantee on your investment.

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