Benefits and Risks of UK Premium Bonds

UK premium bonds are a type of prize bond that is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. This type of bond carries with it several advantages for investors. At the same time, there are some potential disadvantages as well. Here are a few of the benefits and risks of UK premium bonds.

Big Payouts

One of the big benefits of investing in UK premium bonds is that you have the ability to receive a huge payout. This type of bond works a lot like a lottery and regularly makes large payouts. In fact, someone in the United Kingdom receives a 1,000,000 pound prize every month. This provides a much larger potential than any other type of bond that you could invest in.


Another advantage of this type of bond is that you can call it at any point. This means that if you want to get your initial investment back, you are free to do so. With many other types of bonds, you do not have the ability to get your principal investment back at any time. You have to wait until the bond matures or until the company decides that you can have your investment back. This feature provides you with a lot of flexibility as an investor and it allows you to readily have cash available when you need it.


Another big advantage of this type of investment is that the prizes that you win are tax-free. Any money that you collect from the government is not going to require you to pay income taxes on it. With many other types of bonds, this is not the case. Therefore, when you receive a prize, it is actually better than winning the lottery because you get to keep the entire amount.

No Regular Payments

Even though this system can be exciting, you are not going to be able to receive any regular payments from it. With regular bonds, you are going to receive a coupon payment on a regular basis. However, with this type of bond, this is not going to be the case. Instead, the interest on all of the bonds is paid into a large pool. Then, a computer system chooses a certain number of bonds at random every month. The prizes are then distributed to the winners at random. If you are not one of the winners, you are not going to receive anything for your investment. You are essentially investing your money so that someone else can win a prize if that happens.

Maximum Investments

Another disadvantage of this type of investment is that there is a maximum amount of money that you can invest in it. According to the rules, you can invest only 30,000 pounds into these types of bonds.


This system is a lot like gambling. You are taking a chance with this type of bond, and if you do not have your number called, you are essentially wasting your investment.

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