Basic Money Management Skills Can Take You a Long Way

Basic money management skills are vital for an individual trying to meet debt obligations and achieve personal goals. Basic skills can include analyzing expenses, preparing a budget and cutting costs.

Analyzing Expenses

In order to manage your money, you need to get an idea of where it is being spent. Look over your checking account and credit card statement to get an idea of where your money goes. Write down a list of regular monthly bills and their amounts. You can get an average monthly amount by going back several months. Put each expense into a category (e.g., water, fuel, food, electric).

Preparing a Budget

Taking the expense information you compiled, add up the total of all monthly expenses. This is the amount of money you need each month based on your current spending habits. Include in your budget any financial goals you may have such as saving more money each month. One of the important parts of a budget is staying within it.

Cutting Costs

To reduce your monthly expenses and your budget, find ways to cut costs. Perhaps you can cut back on electricity or water. Cooking at home instead of eating out can also save money. Carpooling is way to cut fuel costs.




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