Are there Risk-Free Investments for Retirees

Risk free investments are not easy to find. All investments carry a certain element of risk. However, there are some investments that are much less vulnerable to risk than others. When the economy goes bad, they are much more likely to remain sound and even gain some value.

Most Noteworthy Risk-Free Investments

There are two things that make an investment less risky. It must either have some innate value that doesn't depend on economic conditions or it must be backed by a government entity. Unless the economy undergoes some cataclysmic changes, the kind that would make the Great Depression seem like a mild recession, there is pretty good chance that they will be safe. They include:

Gold and Other Precious Metals -  Gold is virtually risk-free because of the first reason. While it is prone to fluctuations that are hard to credit, it remains valuable even in the worst of times, so the investors can always make money off of it. The same is true (though to the lesser extent) for other precious metals.

Treasury Bills – These are securities that are issued by United States treasury. They are sold in terms ranging from a few days to a year. Their value is determined at weekly or monthly auctions (the time depends on the overall length).

Municipal Bonds - Bonds issued by city and state governments, either directly or though one of their agencies. They are used to raise funds for specific projects. Investors can earn money by waiting for it to collect interest. They are less secure than other investments on the list, but they are still fairly secure compared to stocks.

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