A Look at the Company Balance Sheet

A company balance sheet is a very important financial document that investors will want to be aware of. Here are the basics of a balance sheet and why it is important to investors.

Company Balance Sheet

The company balance sheet is a document that a company uses to show how much it is worth. There are three main parts to a company balance sheet. It will list the assets, the liabilities, and the equity. On a balance sheet, the equity has to be equal to the assets minus the liabilities.

Why It's Important

The balance sheet is something that you will want to look at before you invest in a particular company. Many people consider the balance sheet a snapshot of the financial condition of the company. Therefore, you want to look at the balance sheet in order to determine how stable the company is. If a company has very little equity or negative equity, you should be skeptical about investing with it. When you are considering purchasing stock in a company, you want to see that the company is financially stable and not at risk of filing bankruptcy anytime soon. This is also critical for bond investors, as it ensures them that there is enough equity to pay them back for the bond.

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