4 Factors Influencing Commodity Mutual Fund's Investments

Investing in commodity mutual funds can provide investors with an easy way to access the commodities market. Instead of dealing with futures contracts, you can simply buy shares of a mutual fund. A commodity mutual fund chooses its investments based on a number of different factors. Here are a few factors that influence the investments of a commodity mutual fund.

1. Investment Strategy

One of the biggest influential factors of a mutual fund investment decision is the investment strategy of the fund. Every mutual fund has a different investment strategy. Some of them are very aggressive by nature, and others are more conservative. Some of them want to hold a very large amount of a commodity, while others like to keep some cash on hand as well. The investment strategy will be outlined in the mutual fund prospectus. As an investor, you should thoroughly read through this document and make sure that the investment strategy utilize matches up with your unique investment goals. If it does not, consider using another mutual fund.

2. Total Assets

Another factor that plays a role in the investment decisions of a commodity mutual fund is the total assets that it holds. All mutual funds hold a different amount of total assets, depending on how many investors are involved in the fund. Certain investments become more profitable when you have more money to invest because of economies of scale. More options open up to you as the fund starts to grow.

3. Fund Manager

The fund manager of a commodity mutual fund also plays a vital role in the mutual funds investment practices. Each mutual fund manager has their own trading style. They are in charge of asset allocation and choosing the individual investments to purchase for the fund. For example, one fund manager might prefer to invest in commodity stocks instead of solely using futures contracts. Another fund manager might like to directly purchase futures contracts and will also want to hold cash in the fund as well. This is all a personal preference of the fund manager and they work in conjunction with the investment strategy of the fund overall.

4. Commodity Sentiment

In addition to the investment strategy of the fund itself, the commodities that are used for investments will also play an important role in investment decisions. For example, if a fund manager believes that the price of oil will continue to rise, they may decide to purchase more long futures contracts on oil. However, if they believe that the price of oil will go down, they might decide to purchase short futures contracts on oil. In this way, a great deal of analysis on the commodity price itself will go into every investment decision for the mutual fund.

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