3 Ways to Increase Your Stock Earnings

Increasing stock earnings is naturally the main priority for investors in the stock market. Here are a few ways that you can increase your stock earnings. 

1. Dollar Cost Averaging

One popular method to increase the amount of money that you can make from stocks is to use dollar cost averaging. With this strategy, you develop a plan to time when you will invest in the market. You will invest the same amount of money at regular intervals over a long period of time. Sometimes the price of the stock that you are buying will be low, and you will be able to buy more shares. Sometimes it will be high, and you will buy fewer shares. However, over time, it will average out, and you will have a sizable portfolio. For example, you decide that you are going to invest $100 into the stock market every month on the 15th. You stick to this plan and buy as many shares as you can with the money. This will provide you with steadily increasing returns on your investment as you go.

2. Consider Dividends

Another very valuable tool to use in increasing your stock earnings is the stock dividend. A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to the shareholders of the company. The payment is made out of the profit that the company makes and is issued at regular intervals. Many companies issue a dividend quarterly. However, others issue it annually or by the month. Dividends are independent of the stock price and are optional. The company can issue a dividend if they choose to. However, many companies put an emphasis on issuing dividends as a way to keep the stockholders happy.

With dividends, you can keep the money that you are issued or reinvest it into your portfolio. Reinvesting dividends can be a powerful tool towards building your portfolio over the long term. With this method, you buy more shares every time a dividend is issued. Since dividends are calculated based on how many shares you own, you will actually get a bigger dividend payment next time. This cycle just keeps going, and your account keeps getting bigger each time.

3. Increase Your Contributions

One of the most powerful ways to increase your earnings in the stock market is to increase your contributions. Even if you can afford to put only a few more dollars into the market each month, it can make a huge difference. The bigger your account is, the more money it can generate as a result. Cut back in your monthly budget if you have to or use any increases in your income to fund your account. The more personal capital that you can contribute to your account, the more money that you can make as a result.  

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