3 Signs It's Time to Ditch Your Mutual Fund

Investing in a mutual fund has been one of the most popular investment strategies for a number of years. However, that does not mean that all mutual funds are good for your portfolio. Here are a few signs that it's time to ditch your mutual fund and look for another alternative.

1. Name Change

One big sign that could tell you trouble is looming is a mutual fund name change. Many times, mutual funds will change names for a variety of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is to try and rebrand the image of the mutual fund. After a few years of underperformance, the mutual fund might try and get away from its previous image. While they will not fool their existing investors, it could work to attract new investors that are unaware of the name change. 

A name change could also be the result of a merger. When a merger takes place, you really do not know what to expect from your mutual fund. They could put an entire new fund management team together that utilizes different strategies for the fund. Therefore, if you are used to certain investment strategy, the new fund might use a totally different one and not help you meet your goals. When a name change occurs you may want to consider looking elsewhere for your mutual fund needs.

2. Bad Performance

The main objective of investing in a mutual fund is to bring in a return on your investment. Therefore, as an investor you want to see something coming back from your investment. If you do not get the return that you want, you should look elsewhere for your investment needs. Look back over the performance of your mutual fund and determine if it is right for you. Compare to the benchmark that it strives to beat and see if it is doing its job. If it is nowhere near the benchmark over the last several years, then you should seriously consider selling your shares of the fund. Compare the results of your fund against several other top mutual funds. This will help you determine whether a switch would be in your best interest or not.

3. High Fees

Another reason that you may want to ditch her mutual fund is because of the fees involved. The fees that are associated with a mutual fund can directly cut into your profits if you're not careful. You want to work with a mutual fund offers the lowest fees available. If your mutual fund changes its fee structure and it is costing you more than you would like to pay, then you may want to consider making the switch. You can accurately compare the fees of one mutual fund against another and determine whether it will do you any good to switch to a new mutual fund. If you can save 1% in fees, that is another percent that you get to take to the bank. 

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