3 Reasons to Include a Global Fund in Your Portfolio

Investing in a global fund has become a popular investment strategy in the last few years. Here are a few potential reasons that you might want to consider including a global fund in your portfolio.

1. Convenience

A global fund provides you with a very convenient way to invest. You can invest in a global fund through any standard brokerage account. You will not have to do your own investment research on the individual investments that make up the fund. You simply purchase your shares and the global fund manager will handle the rest.

2. Diversification

With this type of investment, you can truly diversify your holdings in a big way. Many people think that they are diversified by investing in many different stocks in the same stock market. However, if you want to truly be diversified, you need to invest in stocks from many different markets. This way, if something goes terribly wrong in one market, it will not affect you too badly.

3. Growth

By choosing a good global fund, you can provide yourself with solid and steady growth. The world as a whole tends to grow economically every year. If you invest in only one particular area, you might miss out on growth from another area. The global fund will eliminate this concern.

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