Utilizing the best intraday trading tips can make a big difference in your success as a trader overall. Here are some of the best intraday trading tips to keep in mind when you start to get involved in the markets.

1. Beware the Gap

When you are trading with an intraday strategy, you need to be aware of the gap in prices. From the time the market closes until it opens again, there could be a large gap in the prices of securities. This could catch you off guard and end up costing you money if you are not careful.

2. Use Stop Loss Orders

You should also consider using a stop loss order on every trade that you place. You should set the stop loss order so that you can only lose a certain percentage of your account value on every trade. This will help you stay in the game longer and keep trading.

3. Invest in What You Know

Many people end up putting money into things that they do not fully understand. When you are using an intraday method, you need to stick with what you know. Otherwise, you could find yourself losing a substantial amount of money quickly.

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