3 Avenues by Which People Buy Commodities

If you want to buy commodities, there are a number of different methods that you could utilize. Commodities have become more widely available to the general public. Here are a few avenues by which people get involved in the commodities market.

1. Futures Contracts

One of the most common ways to get involved in the commodities market is to purchase futures contracts. This can be done through a futures broker and will allow you to speculate directly on the price of the commodity you purchase. With this method, you buy a futures contract on a commodity in an effort to be able to resell the contract at the higher price.

2. ETF

A commodities ETF is another method that many people are using to get involved in the commodities market. An ETF is like a mutual fund that you can purchase through a stock exchange. This fund invests in certain commodities as their underlying asset. You can buy shares in the fund and indirectly own these commodities.

3. Commodity Stocks

Another method to getting involved in the commodity market is by purchasing commodity stocks. This is like buying stock in an oil company or a steel mill. You benefit from increases in the price of the commodity in a more indirect fashion.

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